How to Start a Project

Create an Account & Introduce Yourself

Your first step is to Register for a Research Account and create your personal profile. This will be your chance to introduce yourself to your potential donors and to give them a glimpse into who you are and how you got there. You will need a short biography - feel free to be creative with this! You will then be redirected to your Dashboard, where you will be able to update your information at any time and submit your project.

Submit Your Project

You will need the following for your project proposal:.

Project Details:

Your title should be catchy, but descriptive of your project. Your title is limited to 60 characters..

Project Summary:
Your short summary is the description of your project that your potential donors will see. It should be less than 250 words and should cover the what and how of your project. What disease are you studying? What are you going to do? How are you planning to do it? This section should be written for a general, non-scientific audience.

Goals and Significance:
What do you hope to achieve with this project? Why is your research important to the field? This should be less than 300 words and should also be written for a general, non-scientific audience.

Project Image
Your project image is similar to a Twitter or Facebook cover photo. If you don’t have a photo that represents your project, we will help choose one for you.

Budget Details:

Funding Goal

Your funding goal can be as low or high as you think you need. You will be required to include a delineated budget of what these funds will go to.


What do you plan to use your funding for?

Line Items

What specifically is your funding going to buy or support? These should be individual line items and should be grouped in the following categories: Personnel, Equipment, Supplies, Travel and Other.


Your one page detailed description will be used internally by Donors Cure to review your project and should be written more technically than your Short Synopsis, Project Goals and Importance of Research. Think of this like a ‘Specific Aims’ page of a grant with some additional technical information. The Detailed Description should be uploaded as a single PDF, should be no more than 1500 words and should include the following:
  • Background/introduction
  • The significance of this work
  • Motivation for research and why this research is important
  • Your goal(s)/specific aim(s) of the project
  • Your approach to accomplishing this goal
  • Your anticipated results

You will also need to determine your Campaign Duration. Your project will be posted on for a minimum of one month to a maximum of six months.

You will also need a picture associated with your project. This is similar to a Twitter or Facebook cover photo. If you don’t have a picture that represents your project, we will help choose one for you.

Once you submit your project, Donors Cure will review it internally. If there is anything that needs editing, one of the Donors Cure team members will get in touch with you and help you make any adjustments. Once your project is approved, it will ‘go live’ on, and your fundraising can begin!