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Funding for biomedical research is at an all-time low, and as a result, one of the greatest challenges to both the progress of research and the retention of young scientists is obtaining a continuous source of funding. The entire process - coming up with an idea, finding a small amount of funds to generate initial data to prove that it’s feasible, writing a sometimes 20-page application, rewriting that application, waiting nine months for a decision, possibly rewriting application again AND THEN hoping it is funded – is exhaustive, and researchers end up spending about 40% of their time just applying for funding to carry them through doing their research. Additionally, they start to submit ‘safe’ ideas – or ones that are more likely to work and therefore get funded – than ideas that are slightly more ‘outside-of-the-box’ but could be the next big breakthrough.

In short… researchers need another way, and they need your help.

We have all been touched by disease, whether it’s yourself, your mother, your father, you best friend – each one of us has, at some point, wanted a cure. We know research goes on, and we give to campaigns and foundations and run races and sell cupcakes, but sometimes it feels like we never see any progress. What does my dollar really do? Who are these ‘researchers’? Why haven’t we solved this (INSERT DISEASE NAME) problem yet?


Donors Cure aims to do two things:

1) We want to fund biomedical research by allowing donors to give directly to the researchers on the front line. 92% of each donation to a specific project goes to the researcher leading that project as a ‘grant’, so they can use your donation specifically for that project.

 2) We want to help non-scientists better understand how hard researchers are really working and see the direct impact of their generosity. We work directly with our researchers to help them communicate with you, so you learn about their progress – and about them as a person.


Research funding needs an alternative, and we are a solution. For researchers, Donors Cure fills a gaping hole for funding for ‘pilot projects’, that generate initial data that can be used to apply for a larger grant. It also teaches them the valuable skill of communicating their research, something they know like the back of their hands, to others outside of their field. That’s a lot hard than it looks!

For donors, Donors Cure provides a selection of qualified research in one, centralized location, so you can easily find a project that means something to you. You also get to track progress on that project and see exactly what your dollar has helped.


1. Administrative & Infrastructure Support - $15,000